Earthships – Sustainable Housing for the Future


by Dominic Alves

Have you ever heard of an Earthship? If not, you are in for a real treat.

An Earthship is a house made of recycled and natural materials, such as tires, cans, bottles, earth, dirt, and plastic. It is also an off-the-grid house, meaning that it doesn’t need to use public utilities (like electricity). It can keep itself cool in the summer and warm in the winter due to its thermal design. Instead it generates its own energy from the sun and the wind. It also collects and recycles its own water from the rain. Finally, many Earthships have greenhouses in which they grow their own vegetables and herbs.

Does living in a house made of old materials sound like it would be ugly or dirty? Actually, Earthships are incredibly beautiful. They are real works of art. In fact, they are much cheaper to build than conventional houses built today. And the fact that they are self-sufficient and sustainable means that they are good for the environment.

Check out this video of Earthships:


Would you live in an Earthship? Would you like to build an Earthship? What do you think?