Earthships – Sustainable Housing for the Future


by Dominic Alves

Have you ever heard of an Earthship? If not, you are in for a real treat.

An Earthship is a house made of recycled and natural materials, such as tires, cans, bottles, earth, dirt, and plastic. It is also an off-the-grid house, meaning that it doesn’t need to use public utilities (like electricity). It can keep itself cool in the summer and warm in the winter due to its thermal design. Instead it generates its own energy from the sun and the wind. It also collects and recycles its own water from the rain. Finally, many Earthships have greenhouses in which they grow their own vegetables and herbs.

Does living in a house made of old materials sound like it would be ugly or dirty? Actually, Earthships are incredibly beautiful. They are real works of art. In fact, they are much cheaper to build than conventional houses built today. And the fact that they are self-sufficient and sustainable means that they are good for the environment.

Check out this video of Earthships:


Would you live in an Earthship? Would you like to build an Earthship? What do you think?


The Exciting Sport of Bullriding


by AL_HikesAZ

One of the most exciting American sports is bull riding. Have you ever heard of it or actually watched it before? If not then you are in for a real treat.

Bull riding is when a cowboy gets on the back of a giant, angry bull and tries to stay on its back for 8 seconds. That sounds like a very short amount of time, but actually it is extremely difficult for anyone to stay on the back of such a fierce beast. It’s also very dangerous.

One of the key rules in bull riding is that the bull rider must only use one hand to ride the bull. The other hand can never touch the bull – it has to remain in the air the entire time. Riders are scored by judges for the best rides. Unfortunately, however, many rides end in the bull rider getting thrown off the bull. That is what makes it so exciting to watch.

Check out this video of some bull riding in the USA:

Memphis Tennessee

I was born in a town right on the banks of the Mississippi River called Memphis. Named after a city in Egypt on the banks of the great Nile river, Memphis is one of the most important cities on the Mississippi River. Memphis is in the southern state of Tennessee, and is famous for a number of  interesting things.

First, there is a very big pyramid in Memphis, which serves as an indoor stadium for sporting events and concerts. Just like the pyramids in Egypt, you can see it from far away. But unlike the Egyptian pyramids, it was built recently and is black.

Second, Memphis is considered the home of blues music. There have been many famous blues musicians from Memphis, and there is a well-known street there called, Beale Street. You can walk up and down Beale Street any night of the week and listen to live blues music in any of the bars and restaurants there.

Finally, Memphis is probably most famous for the King of Rock’nRoll. Who is the king of Rock’nRoll? Elvis Presley. Although Elvis was actually born in Mississippi, he made Memphis his home. Now, people from all over the world come to Memphis to visit his house, called Graceland. It is a very interesting place, especially if you like Elvis.