The Exciting Sport of Bullriding


by AL_HikesAZ

One of the most exciting American sports is bull riding. Have you ever heard of it or actually watched it before? If not then you are in for a real treat.

Bull riding is when a cowboy gets on the back of a giant, angry bull and tries to stay on its back for 8 seconds. That sounds like a very short amount of time, but actually it is extremely difficult for anyone to stay on the back of such a fierce beast. It’s also very dangerous.

One of the key rules in bull riding is that the bull rider must only use one hand to ride the bull. The other hand can never touch the bull – it has to remain in the air the entire time. Riders are scored by judges for the best rides. Unfortunately, however, many rides end in the bull rider getting thrown off the bull. That is what makes it so exciting to watch.

Check out this video of some bull riding in the USA: