Memphis Tennessee

I was born in a town right on the banks of the Mississippi River called Memphis. Named after a city in Egypt on the banks of the great Nile river, Memphis is one of the most important cities on the Mississippi River. Memphis is in the southern state of Tennessee, and is famous for a number of  interesting things.

First, there is a very big pyramid in Memphis, which serves as an indoor stadium for sporting events and concerts. Just like the pyramids in Egypt, you can see it from far away. But unlike the Egyptian pyramids, it was built recently and is black.

Second, Memphis is considered the home of blues music. There have been many famous blues musicians from Memphis, and there is a well-known street there called, Beale Street. You can walk up and down Beale Street any night of the week and listen to live blues music in any of the bars and restaurants there.

Finally, Memphis is probably most famous for the King of Rock’nRoll. Who is the king of Rock’nRoll? Elvis Presley. Although Elvis was actually born in Mississippi, he made Memphis his home. Now, people from all over the world come to Memphis to visit his house, called Graceland. It is a very interesting place, especially if you like Elvis.

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  1. Egypt worshiped the Sun god – Ra

    Elvis recorded on SUN records

    Pharaoh’s were living gods, as Elvis has become

    • Very interesting. I had never thought of that before. There seem to be many other connections between Memphis, Elvis, Egypt, and the Sun. Cool.

  2. Hey! Welcome to WordPress. I’m from Memphis too and so happy I found this tag. Hopefully it can help me meet new people here.

    • Nice to meet you Harnew. I haven’t been to Memphis in a very long time, but it looks like the town is still thriving nicely. Do you still live there?


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